Simon Sinek’s key premise in his book, Golden Circle is that we spend too much time focusing on what we do, rather than why we do it – and this is a mistake. If we focus on the why first, we can better engage others, because it helps them connect with us at a deeper level – one of shared values and purpose.

So, why use the MBTI?

Why explores the driving purpose, the values, the philosophy that guides the specifics of what you do.  Here is an example of a why response: The reason why I use the MBTI instrument is because people are different and I believe those differences are valuable. Here is another: The reason why I use the MBTI instrument is because self-awareness is the first stepping stone to development. Isabel Myers’ goal in developing the MBTI instrument, her why, was to help people become aware of, appreciate, and then constructively use personality differences. Notice how this is different from what the MBTI is used for - team building, improving communication, exploring careers, leadership development?

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