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Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG)

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In today’s world, organisations are interested in finding ways to develop their employees’ ability to deal effectively in stressful and changing circumstances. Hardiness has been understood as a generalised style of functioning that encompasses cognitive (thinking), emotional (feeling), and behavioural (acting) qualities. Research has indicated that individuals who have higher levels of hardiness are more resilient, flexible, confident, and approach life passionately, and are therefore less likely to experience detrimental effects of stress. There is widespread recognition that resilience can be developed, and the HRG can be used with individuals, groups, and organisations to provide candidates with strategies that can be employed to increase hardiness, and reduce the risks of burnout, in their daily lives. The report also discusses consequences of imbalances within an individual’s hardiness profile, and how to facilitate hardiness in others, which is becoming an increasingly important skill required of leaders today.

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Individuals 18 years and older

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5 - 10 minutes (28 items)

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