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JVR Psychometrics

We help HR and psychology professionals provide better insights through the use of psychometric assessments and people analytics.

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Suppliers of world-class psychometric assessments

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Emotional Quotient Inventory® 2.0 (EQ-i® 2.0)

Scientifically measures emotional intelligence.

Hogan Candidate Assessment Suite

Screen job applicants and identify best performers

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Raven's Progressive Matrices™ (RPM)

To assess general mental ability from a non-verbal perspective.

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From individuals to organisations. We have the assessments and service offerings you need to succeed.

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Psychological Assessments

Transform your future with expert Psychological Assessment services. From Industrial and Organisational to Clinical and Counselling, we offer comprehensive evaluations.

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Scoring & Management

Expert Scoring, Reporting, and Project Management services for large-scale assessments. Let us streamline your assessment process.

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Research Services

We provide updated norms, locally crafted assessments, and ongoing validation processes for comprehensive insights.

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Literature Searches

We help you find scholarly articles and provide you with a citations list of articles available from a wide variety of publishers.

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Certification & CPD

Earn your CPD points through Certification trainings, application workshops, free DVD sessions and discussion groups.

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JVR Online

Whether you need to select or develop individuals in your own company or for a client, JVR Online is a self-managed portal that is easy to set up and manage.

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23 February 2023

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It's okay to have questions, we've compiled a list of common ones for you below.

Q: Can I get the in-baskets customised to my organisation?

It is a possibility; however there are costs and contractual obligations that would need to be agreed upon. This applies to behavioural competencies as measured by the CAS exercises and not functional competencies.

Q: Can I order from JVR Psychometrics if I am not a registered psychologist/psychometrist?

Some of our assessments are not psychological in nature and are available to non HPCSA registered individuals such as teachers, HR professionals and parents.

Q: Can I use only one or two items that relate to specific competencies I require to measure? I do not want to use the entire exercise

If needed you can administer and score the exercise in that manner. However, keep in mind that if you plan on only scoring 2 items, this should be communicated to the candidate in order for them to be able to focus their attention. This then also means that those candidates cannot be compared to other candidates who completed the entire exercise later on. We do recommend that if you purchase the exercise to have the candidate complete the entire exercise and score the entire exercise.

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