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Maree Career Matrix (MCM)

To assist in the career journey of individuals by assessing and charting career interests and skills confidence.

The Maree Career Matrix (MCM) reflects individuals’ attraction to 19 job categories by asking them to rate their interest and skill levels in 152different occupations. The results are then combined and represented on the Maree Career Matrix. The Matrix is comprised of four quadrants, namely: ‘Go for it’, ‘Bottom of the pile’, ’Use it, don’t lose it’ or ‘Upskill yourself’. The language has purposefully been kept colloquial and approachable. An individual’s total scores (interest and confidence) on each category are then plotted on this Matrix to provide them with insight into possible career paths. Together, the two types of information provide comprehensive, rich data that are invaluable as part of a career process.


The MCM consists of 19 categories, namely:
  • Practical-Technical

  • Executive and Management Practice

  • Practical-Creative and Consumer Science

  • Research

  • Musical

  • Sport

  • Arts (painting, sculpture and decoration) and Culture

  • Entrepreneurship, Running and Maintaining a Personal Business

  • Word Artistry

  • Medical and/or Paramedical Services

  • Office-based (Administrative, Clerical and Organisational) Activities

  • Tourism, Hospitality and the Tourist Transport Industry

  • Marketing

  • Legal Practice and/or Security Services

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Adventure, Plants, Animals and the Environment

  • Mathematics and/or Accounting Industry

  • Engineering and the Built Environment

  • Social, Caregiving and Community Services


The MCM is used predominantly in educational and career counselling settings, however, it can also be used to ascertain a candidate’s fit to a job role or occupation.

The MCM can be useful in the career journey by:

  • Exploring new avenues in career development for clients.

  • Pinpointing areas of academic study that can build skills, and as a result increase career options.

  • Supporting personal counselling by identifying career areas that can be explored to help meet individuals’ career journey needs.

  • Examining individuals’ career-related self-concept and self-efficacy.


MCM Individual Profile Report: provides a graphic presentation of a participant’s interests and their confidence or ability to succeed incertain careers.


The MCM is a South African-developed product. It is well-researched in the South African context and has been demonstrated to work effectively across cultures and language groups. Furthermore, JVR Psychometrics welcomes the opportunity to partner with clients to conduct research with the MCM.

Product Info



Age range

Individuals 14 years and older

Administration time

Not specified


SA Norms


English and Afrikaans

Administration Platform

JVR Online/Data capturing by Client Services

Integrated reports



J.G. Maree, DEd, PhD, DPhil (Psychology)


JVR Psychometrics

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