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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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Last updated: 02 November 2023

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Introduction to the Policy Statement

The JVR Africa Group of Companies was established in 1993 and their head office is in a residential area in Johannesburg South Africa. The people employed by the companies are knowledge workers that include psychologists, psychometrists, financial, technology, and administrative experts. The work they do is mostly consultative and advisory, and nowhere as part of the JVR service offering are harmful substances or machinery used.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the work is done virtually. The JVR Head Office however remains open to employees and clients.

Points of Departure for the Policy Statement

The JVR Africa Group of Companies states the following as points of departure for this Health and Safety Policy Statement:

  1. JVR strives to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993, understanding that it exists to keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace, and to protect the rights of workers against negligence or malicious actions of others that might threaten their well-being in the workplace.

  2. JVR accepts that we have a legal obligation to ensure that health, safety, and environmental standards are met, and will do whatever can be considered reasonable and practical to ensure that employees are protected from harm.

  3. JVR ensures that effective Health, Safety, and Environmental practices are implemented to ensure compliance to the legislation.

The JVR Group of Companies regularly do a detailed risk assessment regarding the:

  1. Identification of possible risks

  2. Rating and prioritising the risks

  3. Determining its source and then removing, eliminating, or controlling the risks

  4. Establishing processes and systems to mitigate and manage the risk

  5. Reviewing, monitoring, and improving the control measures continuously

Scope and Application

The policy is applicable to all permanent and contracted employees of the JVR Africa Group of Companies when working at the JVR Head Office. It also includes visitors and a range of service providers contracted by the JVR Companies, who visit the JVR premises.

Guiding Principles

Due to the nature of JVR’s business and the residential environment of the JVR Head Office, there are no risks regarding for instance, air quality, machinery, toxic waste, or noise pollution. Risks to JVR may however include the following:


To mitigate this risk, a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ has been formulated regarding the regular and professional inspection of the electric wiring in the building. The fire extinguishers are serviced as per best practice, and the JVR insurance is maintained and updated if required. In addition, employees are trained to understand the risk of fire, and fire evacuation procedures are in place. This is not however regarded as a significant risk also given that most JVR employees are working virtually and save their professional and business documents in the cloud.

Storm damage

There are large trees on the premises, and it could be possible that such trees could be uprooted during a storm and damage property. These trees are regularly inspected and pruned to make sure they do not cause unnecessary risk. JVR has building insurance in place and a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ has been formulated should the premises need to be vacated for any reason. This is not however regarded as a significant risk.

Criminality such as breaking and entering

It is possible that criminals may plan to enter the JVR premises. For this reason, nothing of value is kept on the premises. In addition, panic buttons to our security services are conveniently placed in reception and throughout the building. Further security is obtained with limited access to the building by a well-trained receptionist. The ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ for raising the alarm and vacating the offices is in place and communicated to employees. In addition, JVR has all the required insurance in place.

Staff accidents

At the JVR Head Office, stairs and tiles could cause people to slip and possibly hurt themselves. Notices, also by cleaning staff, are placed strategically to ensure that where tiles are cleaned, people walk more carefully. All the JVR companies have current letters of Good Standing with the Compensation Commissioner.

Pandemic and Physical Health

JVR employees are as susceptible to illness and disease as others in similar circumstances. JVR spends significant time educating staff members, has medical aid insurance available to employees and regularly advises on health guidelines that include vaccination, masking, hygiene, and social distancing. All the COVID-19 protocols before entering the building are enforced with employees and all visitors.

Mental Health

The complexity and challenges of the modern workplace place high demands on the mental health of employees. JVR recognises this and has numerous strategies in place to support employees should they require such.

Governance, Management Roles, and Accountabilities

The JVR Africa Group’s Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for formulating, managing, and regularly reviewing and optimising corporate adherence to the Health and Safety legislation.

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